Mergers and Acquisitions

As part of handling Merger & Acquisition transactions, we support our clients in terms of planning, preparation and conducing local and international transactions on the public and non-public markets.

We most frequently advise on the following types of transactions:

  • Acquisitions,
  • Divestments,
  • Mergers,
  • Recapitalisations,
  • Sale of organised parts of assets or parts of the business,
  • Buy-outs supported by debt.

Whether working for the buyer or the seller, we believe that it is our duty to provide full professional service at every stage of the transaction process. At this stage of the process, as part of the due diligence investigation of the company we carry out a financial analysis and prepare a detailed valuation. In addition, within the framework of the due diligence, we collaborate with tried and tested auditors and legal practices, which can prepare accounting and legal analyses. It is also worth noting our extensive contacts with specialists in various technologies and in environmental protection that are capable of preparing technological and environmental audits. The final stage of work during the acquisition process consists of negotiations concerning the transaction conditions and formulation of the sale-purchase agreement. Our work is completed once our client has achieved success.

In terms of Company Valuations, depending on the situation in which the company, Carlson Capital Partners prepares valuations using the following methodologies:

  • Discounted Cash-Flow (DCF),
  • Market multiples and comparable transactions methods,
  • Adjusted book value,
  • Wind-up/liquidation value.