Corporate mission

Each ‘member’ of Carlson Capital Partners is first and foremost a problem solver. Every aspect of an assignment is considered to be of the utmost importance and involves the same team of experienced professionals, from the initial meeting through to completion of the transaction.

An important aspect of our business approach is to qualify the needs and feasibility of each potential assignment. We will perform a situation analysis, which will be discussed confidentially with the prospective client, without cost or obligation.

In certain cases, the contemplated transaction may not be viewed by Carlson Capital Partners as an appropriate or feasible solution. In these circumstances, prospective clients will receive objective advice consistent with Carlson Capital Partners desire to build long-term relationships.

Carlson Capital Partners goal is to create or identify options that will enhance its clients shareholder value while achieving their objectives.

Our firm is not only driven by the need to invest capital. Rather, we create a competitive environment whether raising capital or selling a business in order to obtain the optimal transaction terms.

Carlson Capital Partners international scope is one of its strengths. Although the firms assignments generally originate in Central and Eastern Europe, Carlson Capital Partners focus and extensive contact base extends to the United Kingdom and other markets.