Who we are

Carlson Capital Partners is investment banking firm specialised in:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions advisory,
  • Acquiring capital for non public companies – Private Placement,
  • Pre IPO and IPO
  • Fiduciary services and Tax Optimizing within capital transactions,
  • Fundraising for private companies from Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds,
  • Arranging finance for domestic and foreign trade.

We provide services in the broadly understood area of financial advisory services. Our range of services also includes:

  • Organising finance for large commercial and infrastructure projects, i.e. Project Finance,
  • Financial restructuring of companies,
  • Debt Origination,
  • Private bond placements,
  • Due Diligence (financial, tax and legal),
  • Valuation Services.

Większościowym udziałowcem Carlson Capital Partners jest spółka Gaudi Management S.A.